The Romance of Crime & Your Beautiful Bones

by Funeralbloom

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Released via
Broken World Media | Close Quarters Coalition | Hybrid Records

Broken World Media- Milky Clear/Blood Red & Sea Blue Splatter

Close Quarters Coalition- Sea Blue/Milky White

Hybrid Records- Coke Bottle Clear/Purple Splatter


released February 24, 2017

Music and Lyrics by Funeralbloom
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Ryan Richie at Polar Pig Studios
Art by Daniel Obzejta



all rights reserved


Funeralbloom Texas


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Track Name: The Romance of Crime
The monuments fell. I’ve heard the skyline is quiet in spring. I’ve heard the city devours young men. In four walls and containment, it never sung in the same key as your golden honey. There’s no music here, but it’s still gorgeous in its own drab way. You never met me by the prison gates, it’s okay. I would never. The streets upon streets they define you, and I’d be wrong to say they look every bit as becoming on you than they do on me. Every bit of our thuggish magic is indistinguishable from your loving left hook. I still felt the pain in smashed bone. Every bit forgets, explain everything. I cut my hair and devoted myself to be never delicate. I cut the throat of every sentiment. The passion for life didn’t exist. There was only a spark from your golden fist and your golden kiss. Now I live with regrets and four walls, but it’s better to have loved and killed than never killed at all. We were Darling and Divine, what was yours was mine, the romance of crime.
Track Name: Your Beautiful Bones
Beautiful thugs in the ally at dusk, putting blades to lip stained cheeks. Beautiful thugs in the garden at dawn leaving mist on the dark green hill; where our lover’s scar wilts. Beautiful thugs in the catholic school, selling sex and stealing bread from under the shade of a nun’s black dressed mass. From the balcony, the gang of you and I screech and howl for us whores don’t triumph the difference between evil and poetry. Echoing down to the sidewalk where black boots smash white hair and the blood falls like silk red ribbons at Christmas. The frame of you in crime’s hand: the perfect gift, the perfect crime. Sing with me, sing of devious needs. Walk with me. Nothing is imperfect when your crime is with me. Not broken bones, unlovely glares, or snow on my coat sleeve. Beautiful thugs overlooking the city; where the church bell tolls the death of civility. So everyone knows, we were the greatest story ever told. Adorned in all gold and everyone knows. Beautiful thugs on the island of poverty where the skull cracks of the god you’ve killed for me. Beautiful thugs on the sculpted marble where streets will be saints named after you and me. Beautiful bones, your beautiful bones. Beautiful bones on the sculpted marble; where saints will be with streets named after you and me. Your beautiful bones.